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Thank you for visiting my web site.  I am Steve Culver, an American Bladesmith Society Master Bladesmith Knifemaker.

I started making knives in 1987, sold my first knife in 1989 and passed the American Bladesmith Society's Mastersmith test in 2007.

I am no longer accepting orders for knives with specific delivery dates. However, I still wish to hear from customers about what they would like to see me build, and what they may be interested in purchasing.  I will maintain a list of names with contact information, and the style of knife that the individual is interested in.  If I have a knife available in that design, I will contact customers beginning with the first person to have requested that style of knife.

I am always working on a new project or technique.  So occasionally, I will build something that I will place for sale on the "Available" page.  If you see anything that you would like to purchase, please contact me to make arrangements.

Making knives is a never ending adventure to me.  I can think of no other craft that provides an opportunity to work with so many different types of materials, or offers so many avenues for embellishment on an individual piece.  I hope that you enjoy my knives as much as I have enjoyed making them.

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