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Included in "Slip-joint folder Designing and Building", is a process used by Master Bladesmith, Steve Culver, to design the joint mechanism of a slip-joint folder. Also included, is a tutorial on building a single blade slip-joint folder, without the use of a surface grinder or milling machine.

The Slip-joint book is also available through Jantz Supply!!

"Slip-Joint Folder Designing and Building"

from Jantz Supply



"Firearm Lock Designing", describes a firearm lock designing process, developed by Master Gunsmith and Master Bladesmith, Steve Culver. Steve developed this method for use in his own shop, to facilitate the designing of flint-locks and percussion locks for the guns that he builds. The information in this book, shows how to design a firearm lock that includes a half cock notch. How to design a fly in a tumbler. Plus other design considerations and choices that must be made during the designing of a firearm lock.

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