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Damascus Steel Pistol


The .45 caliber barrel used on this pistol, is of Bernard pattern damascus steel.  Bernard pattern is made of square rods of two different steels.  There are 81 steel rods, stacked into the billet used to make all of the damascus steel used in this pistol.  There were 41 rods of 1084 steel and 40 rods of 1018 steel.  The rods were stacked in a 9 x 9 checkerboard arrangement in the billet.  All of the rods were inch square and 6 inches long.

This stack of steel rods was forge welded into a solid block.  The block was drawn out by forging and then cut into two pieces.  These two pieces were additionally drawn out into rods that were 1/2" square.  These two rods were then twisted along their entire length, at a rate of 3 1/2 revolutions per inch.  The two rods were then forge welded to each other and used to make all of the damascus steel for the pistol.

The lock used on this pistol was designed and built by Steve Culver, in the traditional side-lock style.  The lock-plate is made from the same damascus steel as was used to make the gun barrel.

The trigger guard also incorporates the same damascus used elsewhere on the gun.  The guard was forged to shape and then hand finished.

The wood used to make the pistol stock, is cherry wood that came from the site of George Washington's childhood home.  The pistol stock was shaped from a block of wood obtained from "Historical Woods of America Inc.", located in Woodford, VA.

The overall length of this piece is 9 7/16 inches.  The overall height is 5 11/16 inches, from the top of the hammer to the bottom of the pistol grip.



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